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Are you a parent who is looking for professional parenting suggestions? Are you changing your career and need assistant with a future career plan? Do you want to build in-demand skills for your current working areas?

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We ask six questions to learn about your education background, working experience, current position, future plan (change career path or not), etc.

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Based on your answers and profile, our AI system recommends courses, both free and premium, which will best first your needs. You can also access GROWLA’s Library to find free resources to support your learning.

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Lifelong learning is critical for self-improvement and skills development. And, to be the most successful in this journey, a professional and well-organized learning plan is essential to achieve your development objectives.

A GROWLA Learning Design Consultant contributes several key professional, experienced aspects to the learning process for individual learners, including:

  • Identifying Learning Objectives:  We make sure the learning experience is achievable and has a measurable purpose (e.g., learning goals) that suit the individual’s developmental needs.

  • Organizing Learning Process:  We guarantee the learning pathway is well-organized, effective, high-quality, and aligned to our learners’ needs and preferences.

  • Integrating Learning Resources:  We work to identify the appropriate type and adequate amount of learning resources to be presented, recommended, and employed to support the learning objectives.

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