Mission and Vision


We believe no dream is too big and that anything can be accomplished through supportive collaboration and engagement across cultures and country lines, bringing together an alliance of international ideas and views. The vision of GROWLA embodies a bold endeavor.

Our Mission:
Enlighten the world, Enlighten the future.

Our Vision:
Empower global educators and parents through a centralized, lifelong learning channel of education upskilling resources.

While many worldwide are privileged to have affordable and high-quality education resources at their fingertips, many others are not. Many impoverished communities worldwide struggle to access fundamental education resources to help enhance the learning of their children. While GROWLA cannot solve all of these issues (yet!), it can work to build a database of freely accessible teaching and education resources to help global educators achieve their learning goals with their students. GROWLA hopes to be a lighthouse, guiding educators together to work as one to solve global education challenges.

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