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GROWLA is an open global platform offering partnership opportunities to companies, experts, schools, superstar educators, and any other organization or individual involved in an aspect of the education field.

How Do Partners Benefits From GROWLA’s Ecosystem Model?

Open the education market through

  • Enhanced marketing exposure;

  • Shared learners and increased user traffic;

  • New market penetration;

  • Increased revenue and additional revenue stream opportunities;

  • Additional partnership opportunities.

Connect the global education community through

  • Establishing large communities of practice and interest;

  • Broadening opportunities for enhanced cooperation;

  • Building bridges between different teaching communities and schools.

Change the world through

  • Transforming the perception of global education;

  • Building a global alliance of like-minded education champions.

Some Examples of What GROWLA Will Promote:


  • Full spectrum of education / training / professional development courses, content, and services needed by educators, lifelong learners, parents, administrators, schools, and education organizations;

  • Educational expert talks, courses, lectures, and guidance;

  • Educational products.


  • Parent support services;

  • Educational product vendors and services;

  • Individual and organizational consultancy services;

  • Enterprise training and support solutions;

  • Career services;

  • Mentor services.

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