Have you ever wanted to improve your knowledge of a specific subject and how to present it to your students but been unable to find a training course?

Have you ever sought the advice of an education expert but been unable to locate one?

Have you ever visited a massive online platform covering an entire library of subjects and been unable to locate what you need?

For global educators, parents, administrators, school staff, and other learners interested in education, GROWLA offers a one-stop, centralized platform of education resources and services.

No longer will learners interested in anything related to the education field struggle to engage in lifelong learning and acquire the knowledge and resources they need to support their children.

GROWLA is the single answer to the question of where to search for education-related resources. Additionally, it offers both premium resources at low prices and a massive and comprehensive free library of open education resources.


  • Full spectrum of education / training / professional development courses, content, and services needed by educators, lifelong learners, parents, administrators, schools, and education organizations;

  • Educational expert talks, courses, lectures, and guidance;

  • Educational products.


  • Parent support services;

  • Educational product vendors and services;

  • Individual and organizational consultancy services;

  • Enterprise training and support solutions;

  • Career services;

  • Mentor services.

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